Sunday, March 04, 2007

Sunday Seven Part V

The title sounds like a Shakespeare play, doesn't it? Henry VI, Part II

Seven Things I am grateful for this week.
1. I missed last week due to Stitches West, so we'll start with that. I had a great time and learned a lot
2. My mom is home from the hospital less than two weeks after hip replacement surgery.
3. My Rockin Sock Club shipment arrived, and I completed my first short row toe successfully. I love the little keychain with emergency sock yarn attached. Last year I had to use the yarn to complete the toe of my second sock, so it's good to have.
4. Books on Tape
5. Joyce Williams, who unvented knitting small circumferences on two circular needles
6. Cat Bordhi, who made it fun
7. Knitting at KNoon's great videos and free patterns


Lynn said...

Wasn't sure how to get back to you, hate that about blogger! So I stalked you back to your blog. ;)
Anyway I thought that my monsoon was gray, but now that the sun's come out it's a very blue gray. How fun is that? Yarn that changes colors!

carol said...

Everytime I read your blog, I want to start knitting or crocheting again. I HAVE to wait, though, until we get moved. But next winter - I WILL knit myself some wool socks. You make it sound like so much fun. By the way - glad you found the sock the mouse tried to drag away.