Thursday, March 22, 2007

Knit Wiki Encyclopedia of Knitting

Thanks to a post on the socknitters list, I just discovered a new site to help knitters connect, learn and explore the world of knitting. It's a wiki: a free, user developed, online encyclopedia for knitting patterns, history, stitches, links and connections. I've put a link to the site in my sidebar and hope every knitter will visit, enjoy the site and contribute. The developer of the site is Sarah Bradberry, who devotes much of her time to enhancing the information available free to knitters on the Internet, and to archiving and making available vintage knitting patterns. Look for the KnitWiki button on the right. Thanks, Sarah, for all your hard work.

I spent some time writing a little article about mosaic knitting for the Wiki instead of working on my new sock madness sock. I got the pattern today at 2:00 PST. May the best knitter win!

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