Friday, March 23, 2007

Sock Madness Est Fini

I've gone down in flames in the second round of sock madness. I was paired with one of the faster knitters in my bracket from round one. I was the last to qualify, what were they thinking of with the matchups! She is already finished with both socks and I have just finished the heel and gusset on sock one! I knew when they announced that the pattern was coming on Thursday afternoon that I was a goner.

The pattern is quite nice and very easy once I got the rhythm. I think I'd like it in a solid or heather much better. I used some Silja sportweight yarn in red, violet and navy, and it looks very nice in person. Now I can return to my double spiral mosaic socks and go to my quilt class tomorrow, if they haven't already given away my space.

Edited to add: My mom LOVES the socks, and they do look much better in real life. Sock one is done, sock two is cast on, but I forgot the second ball of yarn at home. UPDATE: I finished sock two last night while watching Island at War on Masterpiece Theater again.


Cindy said...

I am out too. I also had a feeling I was doomed this time. My life was just too busy! Oh well, I really like this pattern and am glad that I will still be able to participate in a way!

Beth said...

Sock Madness is definitely taking chunks out of my life when each pattern comes around. My Tivo's getting a lot of quality time out of me too.