Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Socks that Rock Rockin Sock Club

What a great present for V-Day. I got an email from Socks that Rock letting me know about the new blog they have set up. I was a charter member of the club last year but only knit one pair of socks. This year I hope to do better, and post pictures here. I was inspired to go home and rip out a sock I started from one of last year's kits and start over. I made a mistake at the beginning and it flared too much. Marble Arches is the name of the pattern. I was past the heel but it was bothering me so I bit the bullet and ripped it out. It's the pink granite colorway, very appropriate for Valentine's Day. It looks like they might have renamed this color Little Bunny Foo Foo. My DD loved that song when she was little. UPDATE: I finished one sock of the pair and it looks much nicer. I used a new heel for me: the Band Heel. Nancy Bush included it in Folk Socks. It works well for striping yarns instead of a short row heel. (My nemesis.)

EDITED: The band heel which eliminates the long stripes can be found at this great site. I still use the EOP slip stitch, which means I have to add a few rows to the heel flap before decreasing. Then I have a few decrease rounds after picking up the gusset stitches. Thanks to Nan for this great pattern and tutorial, and to Nancy Bush for the band heel.

I finished the two entrelac bags and felted them. They are almost dry, time to sew on the handles. I have a pair of woven handles for one bag and a pair of black plastic handles for the other bag.

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