Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Sock Madness Round 1 Completed


After a hectic weekend when I got no laundry done, I finally finished both sock madness socks. I ran out of navy blue yarn at the heel of sock two. I knew that was a possibility when I started and I had a backup yarn planned. Turns out it was a slightly lighter weight than the original. I used some yarn I hand dyed for the variegated yarn. I also ran out of that yarn just at the foot, or the toe would have been variegated on sock two to match the heel. I knitted most of Saturday, all of Sunday night, turned the heel on sock two yesterday after work, and was trying to finish the toe at midnight last night. Gave up, went to sleep, went to work in the morning and just got home. I finished the toe and put the sock on the scanner, yarn ends not woven in. Here they are, hot off the needles. I uploaded the pictures to the blog and sent an email to the organizers just in time. PHEW!! The pattern is now available on the blog.

My DD's camera is full (and I don't know how to unload the pictures), so I had to scan the actual socks to get an image to post. I'll replace these awful pictures as soon as I can. Now off to do laundry so I have some clean clothes to wear tomorrow. Luckily the weather changed so I could wear summery clothes the past two days, but now it's getting cold again.


Cindy said...

Congrats! you are loal too! I am in "the valley", in Santa Clara. I don't know too many knitters in the bay area who are doing this...

Here's to round 2!

Clare said...

well done! your socks look great. Onto the next round. I am also in Nancys group so lets see whom gets paired with whom.

All the best

Anonymous said...

I LOVE your socks! The hand dyed with the deeper navy is stunning.

While I am not participating, a hand knit sock is a thing of beauty and your color and striping knocks it out of the park.

Lisa G

Margie said...

Thanks, Lisa, Cindy and Clare. I love to dye yarn and fabric (clothing too). This yarn has been sitting in my stash for quite a while, waiting for the perfect pattern. I was the last finisher in this division. Nothing like leaving it until the last minute.