Saturday, May 27, 2006

I love linen stitch!

I've been knitting my new Socks that Rock SOTM, which uses linen stitch on the cuff. Having a great time, and remembering how much I like linen stitch. Here are some links I found using Google. If you use this link to search my local school district gets a little bit of moolah.

Applied I-Cord AKA I-Cord Bind Off

Stitch of the Month Website with Great Photos

Linen Stitch

Video Clip on How to do Linen Stitch (this takes a while to download, don’t try it if you have a dial up service)

The same site has other video clips on how to knit, etc.
The wonderful woman who made the videos also sells great patterns

Linen Stitch Pillow Pattern

In the Round Linen Stitch Beret

Linen Stitch 101

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