Tuesday, February 20, 2007

New Sock Projects

I started a new sock last night after finishing my Socks that Rock Pink Granite Marble Arches design. I got some Tofutsies yarn and the Swirly Girl pattern by the Knitiot. I am not using the the Tofutsies yarn, though. I had some Nature's Palette naturally dyed yarn from Full Thread Ahead in my stash, screaming to be knitted up. It is a pale sea green with dots of dark navy and bronze. The texture of the yarn is a lot like the Fleece Artist or Cherry Tree Hill super sock yarn. It feels so wonderful and is easy to knit with. The only problem (and it's minor) is that the yarn leaves my fingers blue from the indigo residue.

The pattern is so easy to knit, looks great and is perfect with the yarn. What more can I ask? The Tofutsies yarn will be next on my list. It is WONDERFUL too! I need a different pattern for the yarn colors I have, though. I have been browsing my sock pattern notebook for the perfect stitch pattern. The colorways I got are too dark to show off the Swirly Girl design. I'm getting ready to go to Stitches West on Thursday. I have a little bit of homework to do for Lily Chin 's class on reversible cables. No homework for my other classes.

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ObsessiveCompulsive Crafter said...

I hope you send me a picture of your swirly girl socks. It will be the first pair I have seen done since I wrote th pattern. I know a few that are doing it but I cant wait to see a picture! Please send me on. I will put it on my blog too!