Friday, March 02, 2007

Rockin Sock Club

It's here! The first shipment of the new year. I was just reading about the trials and tribulations of Kaci and crew and I heard a thud at my door. The mailman had dropped off my package of sock yarn. Hurrah Hurray Kalooh Kaleigh!

It's a beautiful spring day here but I am suffering from acacia allergies so I'm home from work. I also got a new DVD from Netflix, based on Rosamund Pilcher's book Coming Home. I've been a little dissatisfied with the first two parts of the mini series. This disc is called Nancherrow and may redeem my disaffection. Something to watch while winding my new yarn!

UPDATE: Nancherrow was pretty good. Invented out of whole cloth, except for one bit, unless she wrote another book called Nancherrow, which I doubt. I have to finish another sock (I'm halfway down the foot!) before I can switch needles to start knitting the STR sock. I tried Magic Loop but the points on my long needle are too long, and I just can't get behind double points for too long. I did the short row toe on the double points, but now I want to fly!

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