Saturday, March 28, 2009

My Secret Garden

Mystery Flowers

As if my obsession with Ravelry wasn't enough, some of my friends on that site just introduced me to a new website for gardeners, Folia. This flower has been in my garden since we bought the house. We've dug the bulbs up every fall and replanted them, given them away, and still don't know what this plant is. Someone told me it was a Madeira Lily, but it doesn't look like the Madeira lilies I found online. It's tall, with dark reddish green foliage, & lots of flowers on each stalk. The corms are smallish, rust colored, cushion shaped and hairy. Any ideas would be appreciated.

ETA: Success! It's a Watsonia variety.

This one is supposed to be Ranunclulus Tecolote, but it also doesn't look like anything I found online. That's a Meyer Lemon in the background of the second picture.

Next comes this iris rhizome I've been moving from house to house for almost 30 years. It's a tall bearded iris, with a golden throat and shaded purple petals. We moved the planting this year and the iris is in heaven, blooming at least a month earlier than it usually does.