Sunday, February 17, 2008

Stitches West 2008!

Had a great day yesterday visiting with my cousin who was up from sunny SOCAL. I sewed the last button on my mom's tweed stitch cardigan and she modeled it for the camera, so I will soon have pictures to post. The cardigan was originally for me, but gauge was not my friend once again. It was my first steeked garment, adapted heavily from a pullover in Sally Melville's Color book. My mom loves it, though, so it all worked out well. She's been wearing it with only three buttons all winter long.

I'm busy getting ready to go to Stitches West next week. I have homework to do ahead of time for all three sock classes I'm taking. I may not get much shopping done, which will be good for my budget and my stash. It seems like February is the month for knitting socks, both at home and in classes. I got in from the waiting last for one Cat Bordhi class, and also signed up for a class from Lucy Neatby and a more advanced design class with Cat as well.

I knit a little bit on my Printemps/Primavera socks yesterday as well. This is a really easy pattern that looks hard and makes the best of some of the more muted self striping yarns. I'm trying to get a few pairs of socks to the right point so I can have something to knit at Stitches besides homework. I don't like to bring a sock project out in public while working on the heel. I've finished sock one and started on sock two. I also turned the heel on the second spiral eyelet sock so I can bring them as well, and I just need to finish the top section of the first Cat Bordhi's Salish Sea sock from the last Rockin' Sock club shipment I got. I decided not to sign up again this year, since I haven't finished any of last year's socks. I have too much wonderful yarn and more patterns than I can ever knit now. I'm also working on a pair of hiking socks in DK weight wool for DH. The Thuja pattern from Knitty is another great, simple pattern that adapts well to many weights of yarn, and is really easy to knit.