Saturday, March 17, 2007

The Luck O' The Irish

I must have been kissed by a leprachaun this week.I'm only Irish by marriage, but it's a pretty Irish household.

On Tuesday I was the last contestant in my division of Sock Madness to make it through to the next round, and I did it by the skin of my flying fingers. My socks even had green in them.

On Wednesday I filled out two door prize drawing forms, one for my boss (who wasn't even there yet) and one for me, at a food show. Right after she arrived at the show her name was called and she won a $100 Visa gift card. She split it fifty/fifty with me. Only fair. If I'd cheated and filled out two slips with my name they probably wouldn't have drawn either one of them.

Then, today, I get a message that I've won the "guess how many stitches I've knit so far" contest on Susan's blog. I happened on her blog last night and I guess I was feeling lucky. I once guessed how many buttons were in a jar within 10 of the actual number (800+), and it was a totally random guess. My guess for Susan's contest was somewhat more scientific. I estimated that she had cast on about 400 stitches and multiplied that by a wild guess of 80 rounds knit. I hadn't even seen the picture of the sweater yet. I don't know what I've won yet, but I'm sure it's wonderful. Thanks again, Susan!

I forgot to mention in my first post that I also won two sets of Lantern Moon needles at Stitches West. It was my prize at the student banquet. I got a set of 5" rosewood double point needles in size 4, perfect for gloves or heavy socks, and a set of ebony straight needles in size 10, great for scarves. I also got a rubber vase and a note pad cover with special Lantern Moon sticky notes. Pictures of the loot will be available soon. It's been a lucky month. It's a wonder that my special green wasn't Kerry.

Today I get to eat my third corned beef and cabbage meal of the week. I'm making my famous Irish soda bread to bring to the party. Guinness may also be involved. I will honor the Saint by beginning a new green sock project for DD. The first pair of St. Patrick's Day socks I made him, from Bonkers Hand Dyed sock yarn, were well received but met a sad fate. He said he knew how to wash them and they shrank. Luckily (there it is again!) they fit my cousin, a WWII reenactor with small feet, and they were conservative enough in color to look like they could have been worn during the war.

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