Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Finished Socks!

of the 52 pair plunge challenge!

I finished the toe on sock two of my vine lace stripe socks last night while watching the season finale of The Riches. (Interesting show, very different.)

I also finished sock number 1 of the RPM socks I started a few weeks ago (my mindless knitting project). They are made from Fleece Artist Merino in the parrot colorway, blues, greens, purples, magentas. Just lovely. I have cast on for sock two, so hopefully that pair will be finished next week. Because of the broken spiral rib pattern, the socks look really funny off the leg, very poofy. They look great all stretched out, though. This yarn was so dark it was hard to see any patterning at all, so I think the simple spiral works well.


marina said...

check out my blog, I just posted a picture of the new six sock knitalong pattern --I finished one sock and am working on the other. It is called Victorian lace and is quite fun after you get the hang of it.


Claudia said...

I love the colorway that you used for the RPM socks. I have that pattern, but have been hesitant to try it out, until now. Great socks!

Knit*Six said...

I especially love the top pair...they're absolutely beautiful. I can almost feel them on my feet right this minute. In fact, I'm longing for them...You're good, considering it's 100 degrees in DC today!