Saturday, April 14, 2007

Sunday Seven Eleven

Seven Things I'm grateful for this week:

  1. Cookie A's creative sock patterns. I'm working on the Monkey pattern from Knitty's winter issue right now.
  2. Shelridge Farms soft touch ultra hand painted sock yarn. I'm using this for my Monkey socks.
  3. Pony Pearl double point needles in small sizes and 6" length. They are perfect for the Monkey socks.
  4. April 15th is on a Sunday this year.
  5. Clarinex allergy medication
  6. Lettuce fresh out of the garden
  7. Spring asparagus


Melanie said...

Nice Sunday Seven!

NancyMaria said...

Beautiful color and pattern for your socks!!

Kate said...

Hi, just followed the link from your comment at the blue blog. If you like toe-ups, but don't like the short-row heel, you might want to try Brooke Chenoweth Creel's "Widdershins" pattern from Knitty. It's a toe-up with a gusset heel worked backwards. I haven't tried it myself, though it's on my list of possible Sockapalooza socks; I'm just waiting to see what my pal's preferences are.

Knit*Six said...

OMG! I just followed the link to your blog from the Favorite Socks KAL, and found out you live in Half Moon Bay! Amazing! I'm also a native of the Bay Area, went to school in Burlingame and Mill Valley. But I also lived in Half Moon Bay for quite a few years--my grandparents moved there when I was 12. Sorry for gushing...I was just floored. Not often HMB-ites run into each other out of the blue.

Your knitting is gorgeous, and your Monkeys' colors are absolutely luscious. That pattern is next on my waiting-to-be-knitted list. Do you have further Favorite Socks KAL projects planned?

Margie said...

The Widdershins is on my list of possible socks to knit. Thanks for the reminder. Maybe I'll try it for Sockapalooza too. Right now I'm working on my Hogwarts swap sock, after a break to do my DD's taxes (her soon to be ex called me at 10:00 tonight to say that he hadn't fone his part yet). FUN!