Thursday, February 15, 2007

Provisional Cast Ons

I made a pair of the Fetching gloves from Knitty. If you have never tried cables, this is a good place to start. Cables are not hard, especially this simple one. They are just mysterious. It is basically ribbing, and in one row out of 5 (or 8, or 5) you do a little dance with an extra needle. A double point needle will do, or a toothpick. I used the Paton's SWS yarn, soy silk and wool.

I had to use waste yarn in another pair of gloves this week. I tried a suggestion from the big knit list. This only works if you use the long tail cast on. The waste yarn should be smooth (cotton is good), light colored (or contrast colored) and about the same size as your project yarn. Take the waste yarn and the project yarn, tie them together in a slip knot. Use the waste yarn around your thumb so it is the bottom part of the cast on, not the part that makes the stitch on the needle. Untie the slip knot at the end (don't count it as one stitch) and let the waste yarn hang free. Cut the other end of the waste yarn about 3-4" long. Knit your project, then, when you need to undo the waste yarn cast on, pull the loose end out from each stitch one at a time, slowly. Slip your needle into each loop of project yarn as you pull it free. It will not unzip like a crochet cast on, but it is much easier to start. I actually put my needle into all the stitches, then pulled out the waste yarn stitch by stitch.

I think I will try it on my next pair of socks, so I can knit top down from the ankle, then knit toe up until I run out of yarn. No leftover yarn!

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