Saturday, January 03, 2009

Eyelet Scarf Pattern

My blog has been sadly neglected while I spent time dealing with life, knitting and browsing & editing on Ravelry.

I have learned a few new things, one of which being how to make a PDF and link PDF patterns to the blog.

Here's a new scarf pattern I came up with today while in a stash busting mood. If you want a printable version, please click on the PDF link.

Direct download: PDF pattern link

Suri Eyelet Scarf

Knit Picks Suri Dream Hand-Dyed, 50 gram skein, 145 yds., 1 skein
Classic Elite Inca Alpaca, 50 gram skein, 115 yds., 1 skein

Size 17 US needles

Gauge: Not important, just make sure it's loose

Cast on 15 stitches, holding both yarns together as one

Knit one row

Pattern Stitch:
Row 1: Knit across
Row 2: K1,*K2 TOG, YO*, repeat between *'s across, end K2

Knit in pattern stitch until the Inca alpaca solid is almost gone. Bind off loosely. Add fringe if desired using the Suri alpaca. Weave in loose ends, wear happily.

Note: You can use any fluffy multicolored yarn with a solid in a DK or sport weight to make this scarf. Try out different combinations and different gauges. I was trying to use up some stash and came up with this combination and stitch pattern. Approx. 115 yds. of each yarn should make a scarf without fringe.

Copyright © 2009 by Margie Dougherty, Half Moon Bay Knits

You are welcome to share this pattern with friends as long as my name and this copyright notice remains attached.

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