Monday, July 23, 2007

Harry Potter Has Arrived

No spoilers here.

Doesn't this Horcrux sock look perfect to accompany the new book? My Hogwarts sock swap package has not yet been delivered by owl post yet, but I woke up early this morning to greet impatient garage sale buyers. I was informed yesterday afternoon by DD that she and a friend were holding a garage sale at my house this morning. Of course they both overslept (!!) They eventually arrived and had a somewhat successful day of sales while I did the laundry and read DH.

My book package did arrive at about 10:45 am, stuffed in the mailbox. I think the muggles started their shift early today to avoid being rushed by anxious readers. My friend who lives around the corner was leaving for a party and her daughter was stalking the mailbox because it hadn't arrived before they had to leave. I lent her my copy of the book so she could read it on the way to the party (and probably at the party too). I was already on page 83 when they showed up to snatch my copy. I had to wait another hour and a half before I could walk over to her house and look in the mailbox for a now familiar package. I was a little paranoid that I might be arrested for stealing mail, so I walked up to the front door, rang the doorbell, opened the package, left the empty cardboard by the door, and walked away carrying my book.

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on the wings... said...

Love the notice of the garage sale at your house!

I am still working on HP. Time is so precious and reading gets put off. In a way, I am also milking it because I know it's the last book and I'm not sure I want it to end.